Jun 17, 2010

Leav'n on a car trip...

We're taking a road trip this weekend to visit my parents.
Everyone is going to be there!
We're so excited!

We have a DVD player in the car to keep the kids entertained.
But sometimes that gets old on a long trip.
To make the trip a little more exciting, I made the kids some goody bags.
Every hour they get to open one bag and be surprised by what's inside.

Just something to look forward to...

See you back here in a few days!
I Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!


Ellie said...

That's great! They can also see how many bags or hours are left to go. I went to the dollar store before a long (15 hour) trip with my (then) 18-month-old and pulled new things out every time he got bored. Great post!

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