Jun 15, 2010

Simple Tip Tuesday - Part 3

*** Quick Tip Tuesday is now going to be called Simple Tip Tuesday since this blog is all about keeping things simple.

I don't know about any of you, but I buy use to buy tons of paper towels every month.
In an effort to save a little moo la, I decided to store clean rags in a basket underneath my sink instead.
Now when my kids spill something (which is almost hourly) or something else needs wiped up, we've gotten into the habit of grabbing a rag instead of a paper towel. 
It was totally weird to me at first, but now it's paying off.

(Note: I still keep one roll of paper towels in the pantry for anything super gross or unsanitary that needs wiping up.)

P.S. - I started off with an old basket like this but was tired of the honey color so I spray painted the basket black to get the result above.  Hip Hip for spray paint!!!


Mindee said...

Great idea! I have rags like that, but in the bathroom... I'll have to move them so we can save on paper towels too! Thanks!!

Robin said...

Rags in the bathroom is a great idea too! Thanks for your comment Mindee!

sucor said...

This is what we do too! Saves money and it's green. I cut up worn out flannel sheets and PJ's, and towels. I also keep a separate stack of rags that are getting worn out for yucky stuff so I can just toss those.

It's also sanitary. It's so easy to grab a clean rag, I can use a fresh one every time I wash a few dishes, clean or wipe up a spill.

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