Jun 29, 2010

Simple Tip Tuesday {Part 5}

{Image courtesy of Google}

Today I thought I'd share some great uses for old newspapers that I found as I was cruising the internet last night.
Some of these tips I already knew about, but a couple of them were new to me! 

Like hey, did you know that you can use old newspapers to line the bottom of your vegetable drawer in your refrigerator and that this will keep your vegetables fresh a little while longer? {This might also be great for when you forget about all the vegetables at the bottom of your vegetable drawer...makes for an easier cleanup.  Eeew!}
Check out the link above for all the uses for old newspapers.  The ones I listed below are some of my favorites.

Use for cleaning windows and mirrors

Use for starting a safe camp fire or using in a wood burning fireplace

Use for the lining of the bottom of an animal's cage

Use for packing breakables

Use for wrapping paper

Use to make a pattern for sewing projects

Use to make homemade paper mache crafts

Use to ripen tomatoes faster (wrap the whole tomato in newspaper!)

So instead of throwing away your newspapers after they've been read, save them!

You never know what you might use them for!


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