Jul 1, 2010

Free Artwork

I'm still in the long process of decorating my little girls room and thought I'd share this little tidbit for any of you who didn't already know about it.

Have you heard of The Graphics Fairy ???

It's this amazing site full of vintage clip art that you can use for all kinds of projects...and it's free!

If you're looking for some inexpensive wall art for any part of your home and "vintage" is your thing, this site has some amazing pictures you could frame.

This is what I chose. 
A vintage alphabet.
I snagged an old frame I was no longer using, spray painted it with some cheap less than a dollar white spray paint, and then sanded around the edges of the frame.

This is such an easy solution to get some really cute artwork for very little.
Here are a few other examples of art you can find from
{all of these prints were found under "objects" on the graphics fairy blog}


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

these are great!! Thanks so much for sharing this - I'm headed there now!

Julia said...

Great idea and I love how your print turned out. I have used the Graphics Fairy for a while now, too. Even my header has elements from her site:).


Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

How adorable is all this vintage artwork! Thanks for showing us.

Warmly, Michelle

crazigirl80 said...


I love your frame-super cute. I have a question-when you print out the graphics, do you enlarge or stretch the graphic in Word or how do you print it to look nice and not all stretched out? The original graphic is so small.....Is there some technique or tip? :)

Robin said...

I copied and pasted the vintage ABC graphic that I used into a word document. I enlarged it and expanded the spacing for the page borders until I got it to be the size I wanted to fit in my frame. Hope that helps!

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