Aug 25, 2010

Blog Makeover Tips

Today I gave my lovely little blog here a much needed makeover. 
And because I'm cheap thrifty, I wanted to makeover my blog without having to pay someone to do it for me.

For anyone else out there who has a blog and who wants to spiff it up a bit, here are some links that literally show you step by step how you can give your blog a little DIY makeover too!

  • THIS site shows you how to use a cute font for your blogger post titles.

  • THIS site shows you how to make a grab box for your blog button

  • Also check out THESE blog secrets...SO many amazing tips!

  • And last, but definitely not least, if you haven't checked them out already, both photobucket and picnik are great sites for editing pictures or even for making a blog button.  They have some amazing editing features that are really fun to use.
Happy Wednesday Friends!
{...even though Wednesday is almost over.}
I hope to be back here tomorrow with some great back to school tips!


Laura Garner said...

How do you create your own banner like that? I'm having a hard time creating a fresh look on my blog. I can't seem to figure out which template to use that makes it look smooth and all the same color, like yours is. Anyways, if you have some helpful tips, I'd appreciate it :)

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