Oct 6, 2010

Fall wreath

Making a wreath from scratch is something that has always been soooo intimidating to me.
{I know that's such a silly fear to have.}
Last night I decided to conquer this tiny little wreath making fear of mine.
And guess what?
It wasn't so bad!
I started with a twiggy round wreath and two packages of fall leaves.

{The leaves were gifted to me by a very lovely neighbor of mine who knows I like to create things.}

I put a small dab of hot glue on each leaf and just kept layering them.
It was crazy easy!  Nothing to be afraid of.
So if you have homemade wreath fear like I did, conquer your fear and just make one!
You'll be surprised what you're really capable of!!!

On another note, I had a fabulous weekend this last week.
My husband and I dropped our three kiddos off at my parents house for most of the weekend and took off for our FIRST ever overnight weekend without the kids.
I have a degree in marriage and family and I so know better than this!
We should have taken one of these trips a loooong time ago.
In fact, we should have taken at least eight of them by now.
{Cause we've been married almost nine years!  It has been suggested that married couples should have at least one overnight trip without any kids at least once a year to keep the relationship strong.}

We had such a fun time!
I'm so glad I am married to my best friend.


Beth's Blog said...

love the wreath!

Jensamom23 said...

Love the wreath and glad that your weekend away was a success...so very important.

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

I could NOT believe it when R told me you guys hadn't had a weekend away in all these years. Wow girl. :) We had our OWN weekend away this past weekend too to celebrate our anniversary - it was fabulous! But, I feel bad given we have an 8 month old and this is our THIRD overnight weekend away sans kids! ha ha I think we got a few months and than we're like, "hmm...me? you? get out of town? Sounds good!" Thankfully we have lovely family close by that steals our kiddos for us so we can make that time together. Remember, we are RIGHT around the corner if you guys ever want an evening away! Happy to have those kiddos over!!

Julia said...

That wreath turned out wonderful!! I love it Robin! So glad you guys could spend a weekend together. Believe it or not, Darren and I have NEVER been away....alone...in 13 years! We are waaay overdue:). Haha:).


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