Oct 23, 2010

Smart Mom Moment

Last week sometime, I had a smart mom moment.

I made one small and simple change around the kitchen.  I put my Tupperware that used to be in this bottom drawer up in a cupboard on a taller shelf... and I put all of my kiddos cups + plates + a few plastic bowls in this bottom drawer.

I don't know why it took me so long to do something this simple + practical.

{I remember my mom putting all of the kid cups in our house in an easy to reach spot in the kitchen when my siblings and I were young.  I guess it takes some people like me a lot longer to get with the program...lol!}

It's amazing what a small change like this can make!!!
I no longer have to hear...
"Mom I need a cup for some water!" seventy times a day, from all three kiddos!

The water was already reachable for them, but now the cups are too!
Even my two and a half year old can get her own drink!
It's heaven to have one less thing to be bugged about during the day!

{Not that I'm totally bugged when my kids ask me for help or anything... I'm just say'in.}

And now that they can reach their plastic plates too, it's easy for them to set the table when it's time for lunch, etc.
Why didn't I do this sooner???
I don't know.
But I'm so glad I did it........... eventually.


kristine said...

i'm so glad you had the revelation! i LOVE that we do this! at our other house, natalie (3) has her own little cubby in the kitchen but in our current apt she just uses the bottom shelf of the pantry. anyway - she always gets what she needs (wants!) for her meals. it always prevents a fight from "i didn't want the green cup. i wanted yellow!" (or whatever!) but ALSO what is AMAZING is that when i'm emptying the dishwasher i have HER put her dishes away!!! she loves it! she has been doing this since she was at least two. i'm not kidding - probably since she could walk! but she always knows she gets her own stuff for meals and it's one less thing for me! yay! congrats to you!! :)

Jensamom23 said...

Better later than never. Great idea!

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