Nov 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I had a crazy, busy, wonderful Halloween weekend with my little family.
We went trunk or treating at our church,
had a close friend take our family pictures {and she charged us practically nothing just cause she's that kind of friend},
my husband and I squeezed in a simple date night at Home Depot,
we went to church on Sunday
had an "orange" dinner at a friends house,
and finally ended Sunday night by finally getting around to carving some pumpkins.
{There's no way our kids were going to let us get away with not doing that before the month of October officially ended!!!}
I roasted pumpkin seeds that night too.
So yummy!
I didn't measure out the ingredients exactly, but after thoroughly rinsing the seeds, I coated them in olive oil and garlic salt and baked them at 275 degrees for 1 hour.

I dyed my hair this weekend too!!!
I did it the night before our family pictures.
I was kind of freaking out right after because I thought it turned out WAY too dark.
But if you ask my husband, I was TOTALLY freaking out.
I shampooed my hair three times that night to try and get it to fade a bit.
It helped a little and I'm slowly getting used to it.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good safe weekend!

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Kaylie said...

LOVE the hair! I've never dyed my hair, but I imagine it would take some getting used to. But seriously, it looks great. You can totally pull it off.

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Thank you Kaylie!!! That means a lot to me!!!

Makayla said...

I love the new family photo! I like your hair too!

kristine said...

your hair looks GREAT! i'll admit i was wondering whose family picture you were posting but i think it looks really fantastic! i went from blonde to brown (which took four hours at the salon and actually came out red!) and i cried and didn't think my baby would recognize me! i completely understand your shock but at least in the picture it looks perfect!
also, you'll have to tell more about the 'ORANGE' dinner! does that mean you just ate orange colored foods? i'm guessing...

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I think your hair looks great and that family picture is adorable!

Julia said...

Your hair looks so cute! I love it and the family picture is adorable!


Robin {keephomesimple} said...

The "orange" dinner we had with some friends was all orange foods. It was a potluck so it was really fun to see what everyone brought. It was so much fun!

Renae said...

I ADORE your hair this color. Your family is beautiful.

A reader in NE

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