Nov 19, 2010

"I Can See Clearly Now..."

{Last week before we installed new windows}

I love my house.
I'm grateful I have a house.
I'm grateful that my husband and I were able to buy a house.
I know we're really blessed to have our house.

But there are days that I sometimes wonder what the heck we got ourselves into when we bought our house. 

It's old-er.
It still has kitchen appliances from the 70's.
{Those awesome gold colored ones...yuck!}
The carpet in our bedroom is so ugly I think I might be too embarrassed to even show you!
Seriously bad.
{But it is replaceable.}
And ever since we bought our house {a year and a half ago} we've been working hard to fix it up.
We plan on living in this house for the next 20+ years.

Well, about a week ago {for a brief moment} we talked about just fixing our house up to a certain standard and then selling it and buying our dream home.
Surprisingly to me, as soon as those words lept out of my mouth, I felt sick.
I suddenly realized that I loved this house.
I have become attached to this house.
I've already built some really good memories in this house.
And my husband and I talked about the fact that while this house may not have the exact floor plan we like, we're going to do an addition to remedy some of that.

It's at the end of a court = safe for the kids to play out in the street and ride their bikes with their friends.

It's super close to our church, a grocery store, a gas station and our gym.

It has a ginormous backyard that is great for our active family and our two dogs.

We have the best the drop of a hat, they are here, ready and willing to help whenever we need anything.

So my husband and I decided to stick with our original decision to work hard over the years to make THIS our dream house.

{This week AFTER we installed new windows.}

I can see clearly now...
that I love this house and it will be our forever house.
A house doesn't have to be perfect to feel like home.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Awww, that's wonderful!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

That is what I call a Grateful Heart! Having gone through some medical blah myself the past few weeks/months it sure instills the fact that it's the people within the walls of a Home that make Life all worth the living! I know plenty of people with gorgeous homes but not nearly the riches that you and I possess with our families. :)

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