Dec 20, 2010

Printable Rice Bag Poem

I had a request for a printable of the poem I attached to the therapeutic rice bags I made as neighbor gifts this year.

So for anyone who is interested here you go!

This is the first printable I've ever done so I hope it works for you!!! 
{Please,let me know if it doesn't.}
Just click on the poem and it should open in another window for you and then you should be able to print it.  If you want multiple copies, copy and paste it to a word document, put 2-4 of them on a page and then print it.

Again, the original came from {here}.

Check back soon to see an amazing early Christmas Present my husband has been working on for our family.

Here are a couple of hints. 
It's something in the house. 
It's used to light fires in.
There are usually stockings hanging from it this time of year.


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