Jan 28, 2011

Budget-Friendly Inspiration ...

Welcome to my new weekly series:  Budget-Friendly Inspiration

Full of:

Home & Family Project Ideas That Nearly Any Budget Can Do!
Many of these projects include easy simple tutorials.
{Just click on the link below each picture to find out more.}

{The cost of these stencils is not as much as you might think!!!}

and here are a few Valentine inspired projects

{You mean you can fill a decorative pillow with your old plastic Walmart or Target bags???  It's genius!!!}

I wish all of you dear readers a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Check back here every weekend to read about more budget-friendly inspiration for your home and family!


Diana said...

I would've NEVER imagined filing a pillow with old plastic bags! Great way to get rid of them! Thanks for posting!!!


Anonymous said...

great post!!! love this collection ideas!

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