Jan 25, 2011

Fabric Flower Clips - For Sale

While I kept my kiddos busy this morning painting rocks from the backyard with water colors
{their idea, not mine},
I listed a few new items in my etsy shop.

Even now as I'm heading out the door to take my middle child to kindergarten, I don't have all of these items yet listed.  But most of them are.

These fabric flower hair clips are super adorable.
I've been making them for my girls' hair for a long time and I'm always getting compliments on them.
So here's my first try at selling them publicly!
Wish me luck!
I've also had some more interest in the fabric flower necklaces I had available in my shop the end of last year.
I will be selling those again very soon so stay tuned!

These clips are very reasonable priced.  Go check them out {HERE}.
If you are local, contact me directly to avoid paying shipping.

I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!


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