Mar 16, 2011

My Better-Late-than-Never March Mantle

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and I've totally procrastinated decorating for this holiday.
By now, I could probably just skip it.
However, it makes my kids really excited when the house gets a mini holiday makeover.
They are so excited for this green holiday that most of them have already picked out what they're going to wear to school tomorrow {so they won't get pinched...OUCH!!!}.

My super simple St. Patrick's Day decorating consisted of only three things.

Garland.  I hot glued some sparkly foam Dollar Tree shamrocks to some twine.
This project cost me $1.00 and took less than ten minutes to complete.

Wheat Grass.  This is my absolute favorite thing to grow around my house during the spring and summer months.  I added some soil to two {see picture at the very top} Target dollar section pails, sprinkled some wheat on top, kept the soil moist and in five days, this is what I've got.  It grows really fast and will probably need a little mini trim soon.  I love how springy it looks!

I found this "Kiss Me {I'm Irish}" print online last year.
I printed it out but that's as far as I got.
It's been sitting in a pile of papers on a book shelf for over a year and just now got framed today.
How sad is that!

If you're a last minute decorator like me, you can print this adorable piece of art for free HERE.

Happy St. Patrick's Day People!
Don't forget to wear something green tomorrow!


KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Yay!! Being an Irish gal we LOVE this holiday... I've got the fixin's to make St. Patty's cupcakes for afterschool tomorrow to surprise the kiddos. Not sure if we are going to do a "green" dinner though...I always try and it never goes over to well! ha ha

Makayla said...

Where do you get your wheat grass seeds? Sox is always eating our plants and I've been wanting to grow some for her. I saw those pails at Target yesterday and was wishing I had a reason to buy one.

Keep Home Simple said...

To grow wheat grass, you can use hard red winter wheat. You can find it in most health food stores and you don't need a ton. A friend gave me a sandwich bag only filled half way last year. I planted it over and over again in severla pots and I still have plenty left over for this year. I hope you guys are settling into your new town back east! love you guys!

thetwistedruffle said...

oh my goodness, i have 4 of those dollar store pails. i think i should try to grow some wheatgrass. except, that i kill every houseplant, which is why we have zero. not even one!!!

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