Mar 30, 2011

No Sew Burlap Window Valance

Last week I made a burlap window valance for my kitchen window.
My inspiration for this project came from {HERE}.
She gives amazing step by step directions!

. . . . . . . .

I chose burlap for my material because I love the texture of it and it's so stink'in cheap!
I didn't use my sewing machine for this project at all... just the magic of stitch witchery and my iron.
{Love that stuff!  You can get a good size roll of it for only $1.50 at Walmart!)
I also used stitch witchery to adhere some light gray satin ribbon{from the dollar tree} to the valance.

To hang the valance I used some left over 1.5" mdf I found in my garage.

After my valance was made, {*I didn't make a seam for the top part of the valance}, I wrapped the top of it over my mdf board and adhered it with hot glue.
{See picture above.}

Lucky the middle of this project the spring in my hot glue gun broke.
So I had to push the glue through by hand.
{Do-able...but kind of a pain in the neck.}

I pre-drilled three holes into bottom end of the mdf on each end and one in the middle, and then screwed the whole thing into the ceiling.

This is a great alternative to hanging something like this, other than using a traditional rod.
{Because it costs only a fraction of what a rod would cost!}

Here is the completed project.
{Sorry you can't actually see it very well!  With this big ginormous window I can never get the right shot with all that lighting.  And at night the picture looks too yellow.  SOMEDAY I'll get a camera that does more than point and shoot and will maybe help some of these issues!  HA!}
Anyway, the valance measures about 74" wide x 13" long.

So you see that ugly broken light sticking out there by the window???

I'm hoping to replace it someday soon with something similar to one of these:

What do you think?
Hopefully I can find a similar modern rustic looking pendant like one of these
that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Happy Wednesday!

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KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

We HAVE to get you to IKEA..they have the perfect pendant you would love for that spot...under $30 I almost got one myself BUT want R to be with me since he will be the one dealing with installation! ha ha

lovely lindsay said...

i have the first pottery barn pendant lamp sitting in a closet. we've never used it - and have since changed the direction of our home decor. it's yours for $75.00 if you want it. send me an email if you're interested!
love, lindsay

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Thanks for the shout out, I really like your version using burlap! Janell

Libby said...

Just wandering the "ginormous" window! The valance really works with the blinds.
Anyways, if you don't buy Lindsay's PB lamp try an architectural resale place if you're lucky to have one within reasonable driving distance.

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