Mar 9, 2011

The Playroom

I've been talking about our playroom for awhile now and it's finally about eighty percent complete.
{Well... minus new carpet which won't come until the end of this year.}

I LOVE how the stripes on the walls turned out.
It took a really long time to tape them off and level them out but once that was done,
the painting went really fast.

The stripes are each 10" wide.
The two colors we used were Autumn Haze by Gliddon {for the all over color},
and for the lighter stripe we used Shell White also by Gliddon.

This is a really small room.
So to allow for more play area in the room, we removed the closet doors.
Luckily, the closet had the perfect amount of space to squeeze in my daughter's big doll house.
We left the shelf in the closet for much needed toy storage.

This is the back side of the playroom.
It's the side that isn't quite complete yet.
I'd really like to add a bench to the right of the book shelf and turn
that blank corner into a darling reading nook.
I'd also like to add a couple of table lamps or wall sconces to this area so it was better lit for reading.

I hung a collage of recent pictures of our family above the book shelf
and a thrift store basket holds some of our favorite children's books.

Although this is a small room, I tried to make the most of every little space.
We have a barbie doll area, a reading area, and here we have a dress up area.
The mirror in here used to hang in my room as a baby.
The hooks for the dress up clothes I bought at Tai Pan for $4.99 while
we were visiting in Utah last December.
The Big Basket that holds all the dress up shoes, purses, sunglasses, and hats
I purchased at Goodwill for $4.50.

This white desk has been mine since I was ten.
It needs a new coat of paint and some new hardware, but it's probably going to stay just like this until the weather gets warmer.
I DO NOT like painting outside in the cold.

I bought a large cork board to go above the desk, but I didn't like how thin
and flimsy the frame around it was.
So my husband tore the frame off and made this chunkier one using crown molding, that was left over from our fireplace remodel.
{Love it!}

The three tins on the desk are from Target's dollar section.
They hold the basics:  crayons, scissors, and pencils.
Glue, coloring books, and other random toys are stored in the drawers in the desk.

I bought the wall hanging file holders, that are on either side of the cork board, at Goodwill.
They were $1.50 a piece.
They used to be blue so I spray painted them white with Walmart's $1.00 white spray paint and labeled them with a number one and a number two that I printed off of the computer.
One holds colored construction paper and the other one holds plain white computer paper.

I made two pennant banners for the playroom.
One for above the desk and one for this window.
They were soooo simple.
I'll share a tutorial on them soon.
The white curtains hanging here I already had.

These three wooden crates, below the window, hold play food, dolls, and other miscellaneous toys.
{You can find a tutorial on how to make these crates HERE.}

My three kiddos are loving this room.
They love playing all together in here, love inviting friends over to play in here, and I love that they have an extra space they can call their own.


dandee said...

Look at that space! I'm sure your children love to be there, you've made it so cozy and happy. I'm especially loving those stripes! Oh, and that doll house...can I move in?

Miss Chelsea said...

I love these stripes!! What a fun little room, can I come play in it?

Tulip and Turnip said...

The stripes look amazing! I'm also loving the little dress-up area. Too cute! Great job!

lovely lindsay said...

Seriously! You're always up to something crafty over there! You really should come to PROJECT: craft, it's going to be so fun!
Love, Lindsay

Thrifty Chic said...

This playroom is adorable and so organized!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

LOVE it! I feel like we need to do a room swap! You need to come over and see our downstairs and I need to get over there and see the playroom! :)

Wendy said...

So sweet! I am lovin' the dress up area!!! Cute =)

LambAround said...

What a simple, pretty space! If you get a chance, I'd love for you to link this up for my Not "Baaad" blog hop, which is up right now. It's unlike other linkies in that you actually compete with the other linked posts for my Best in Show award :)

Julia said...

Robin, I just love what you did! WOW! The stripes are gorgeous and totally make the room. I love the little pennant banners and all of the sweet touches. I bet your kids are thrilled and having the best time in there!

Have a great weekend!


CrystalC2B said...

I LOVE this room! It makes me wish my girls could have a playroom. So very fun but grown up too!

Well done Robin.

(made my way here from the weekend wrap up party)

Linnae said...

Robin--you're amazing! While I feel proud to get one small project done, you're over here doing entire rooms. What a fun room--no wonder your kids love it!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Really cute!! I love the stripes on the wall; you chose beautiful colors!

Kara said...

Love the horizontal stripes. I've been too afraid to try them even though I really want to in my half bath. Love the banners too. Looks great.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Hello, cute Robin! I love the stripes and how you do amazing things on a tiny budget. I bet your kids (and you!!) love it.

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