May 2, 2011

Out With The Gold In With The New

We inherited some lovely gold appliances when we bought our home almost two years ago.
We decided not to replace any of the appliances until they kicked the bucket.
{And boy did they use to make things last 30+ years ago!}
But finally last month the dishwasher had finally had enough and stopped working.
So we got a new white dishwasher to match our white painted cabinets.

We didn't get anything top of the line, just a basic model.
We plan on adding an addition to our home in 4-5 years.
Part of this addition will include expanding our kitchen.
So most of what we're doing in here is just a temporary fix.

This is a picture of the kitchen the day we signed the papers on the house.
Can you see that foe brick already being demoed on the floor there?
My husband was more than anxious to get his hands on this house and fix it up.
{I love this man of mine who loves to demo and fix things up!!!}

{Current Kitchen}

One gold appliance gone.
One to go.

The sort of funny {but not really for my husband the handyman} part about replacing this dishwasher was that as soon as my husband replaced it,
the water valve under the sink broke.
{Had to take a trip to Home Depot.}
He came home with the wrong fitting part.
{One more trip to Home Depot.}
Valve. Fixed.
Kitchen faucet starts leaking...
Find out it's broken too.
{Another trip to Home Depot.}
So what does a broken dishwasher,
ordering a new dishwasher,
having the new dishwasher arrive five days later,
and three trips to Home Depot equal???
A new dishwasher. A new water valve thingy.
a new kitchen faucet.
Having a working kitchen...priceless.

If you read this hon, thanks for all your hard work!!!


KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

L-o-v-e it AND jealous!!! Not to mention, your before & after pics have me convinced that this summer is def the time to repaint my cabinets. I CAN do it, I CAN do it! ;) What better time to take on a tedious, painstaking task than during those daylight hours while my Hubby snoozes away in preparation for his graveyard shift! ha ha I'll have to get some tips/suggestions from you before I get started.

AND - the lilacs look gorgeous!! They are SO fragrant! I have a huge bunch like that on the table and clipped a few more to put in bud vases throughout the house. Delightful. :)

Robin @ Keep Home Simple said...

I LOVE those lilacs you dropped off. They make the whole kitchen smell divine!
Grateful to have a friend like you and yes, we'll have to talk paint sometime!

Julia said...

Robin, I can't believe the before and after pics...your kitchen looks gorgeous!! We are totally like you in that we just wait until something croaks to replace it, too. My hubby has rebuilt our dishwasher 4 times now. I keep telling him appliance repair is his calling...haha. Your new one looks so pretty. I LOVE those lilacs, too!

Have a great week:).


Karen Lincoln said...

Hi Robin,
You are truly blessed to have married a handy man. I was in that era of gold, olive green, almond and tangerine appliances and yes my washer& dryer lasted 13yrs (now you need warranties). Your first before on the stove looked almond and then the second showed the gold. I want to paint my cupboards white and paint my walls that dolphine grey. Everything looks nice. My husband wanted to move to a bigger house but at signing i changed my mind and have lived in this house for 35 yrs but the nice part is it is paid off.

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