Oct 18, 2011

A Book Paged Bookshelf

I'm in love with bookpage wreaths.
{I have a total of three different kinds in our house.}

Bookpages can be incorporated into home decor in so many ways.  The awesome part of that is that bookpages are not only fun and pretty to decorate with, but they're inexpensive too!

Case in point:
A couple of weeks ago, I decided that this bookcase in our living room needed some sprucing up.  It's dark and cluttered state was making this corner of the living room seem kind of sad.

So I searched the storage room under the stairs in our house, found an old book that hadn't been read in ages, and decided to tear out pages from the book to lighten up the back of the bookcase.

I tore the pages out one by one and layed them on top of each other using double sided tape.



This is my result.
Along with the layered bookpages taped to the back of the bookcase, I organized all the books on the shelf according to color too. I think it definitely helps brighten up this small little corner of the room.
All this mini makeover took was time and the cost of a roll of double sided tape.
So cheap ...and I think it made such a big difference!

Here's a few pictures that give you a closer view of the layered bookpages against the back of the bookshelf.

Have you guys found any other fun uses for bookpages in your home?


Beth's Blog said...

I love how that looks, so cool!!!!

Julia said...

That looks so lovely! What a great idea and I love how much brighter your bookcase looks!


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