Nov 12, 2011

A Month of Gratitude - Day 12

Day 12:  Modern Day Businesses/Technology like Netflix

Hope everyone had a great Veterans day yesterday!  We took our little family to a nearby cemetery, searched for some veterans graves and got a chance to talk with our children about how awesome the people are who serve our country. 

The rest of our weekend will include checking a few errands off the to-do list,  a few friends over for dinner, church, and a couple of Netflix movies.  We cancelled our cable connection over a year ago and have been doing the Netflix thing ever since. {By the way this isn't a plug for Netflix.  We just really love using it.}
I'm grateful to pay a little every month to enjoy commercial free TV shows and movies any time we want.  It makes for fun Friday movie nights at home with the family, and fun week night hang outs on the couch with the hubby.  The kiddos also look forward to checking the mail when a new movie is due to arrive. Netflix is awesome and saves our family a bundle on entertainment!


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