Dec 9, 2011

What Christmas Looks Like at Our House: Part IV

I've been wanting to make some felt circle garland {like this kind shown here} for forever, but my sewing machine is broken.  So last week a very kind friend let me come over to her house to use her machine and I was finally able to make some.  Besides the time consuming task of cutting each little circle out by hand {which can be done while watching a movie to help pass the time}, it was a really fun and easy project {even if you only have beginning sewing skills like I do}.  I made a really looong strand of this garland and then cut it up into three different sections.

One to wrap around the banister on the stairs...

one to hang black and white pictures on from Christmas's of years past...

and one strung along the top of a book wreath I have hanging down at the end of the hall.
Love it.

And that's what Christmas looks like at our house this year.
To read more go here:  Part I, Part II, Part III.

~Have a great weekend everyone!


Darlene said...

I love all your christmas decorating - classic and beautiful.

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