Jan 11, 2012

CHEAP Wire Baskets

Hey guys!
I've really been enjoying my temporary break from blogging these last couple of weeks.
But I just wanted to pop in really quick to share a really good deal I found.  Because this deal may not be around forever, I didn't want to wait till later to tell you about it.
Last week I was at Target browsing through their dollar section and I found some amazing wire baskets {pictured above} for 2.50!  Since this is typically "organization season" for many of us, I got so excited and snatched up quite a few of these babies.  I've found a lot of uses for these baskets so far, but my favorite use so far is to organize all of my tupperware lids.  Now they don't all fall out in my face and all over the counter when I open the cupboard door.  They're nice and snug in this cute wire basket.  Man, it feels so good to be more organized!
Anyway, if you are taking a trip to Target sometime this week, go check out their dollar section and they may have some of these great baskets at your local Target too!
Alight ...over and out.
Back to my break from blogging :)


Heidi said...

oh. how great. I got some over the summer and when I had my mom pick up some more for me they were gone. I hope they are back! I need 10.

Carli said...

Great idea, i'm constantly fighting a losing battle with my plastic container lids in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing, hopefully I'll be able to find some of those at my Target.

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

I LOVE these!

Ellie said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

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