Aug 28, 2012

First Day

I walked two anxious and excited kiddos to school today.

Oh man, those grade levels pass so quickly.  It feels like just yesterday I was sending my middle man to kindergarten!

 This one is sooo excited to have me all to herself.
We've decided to do preschool from home this year.
There's plenty of ideas on pinterest these days, so why not?
We had our first lessons today and it went great!!!

I can hardly wait to listen to all the first day chatter when my bigger kids get home from 
school this afternoon!
Of course that chatter will be much more fun over chocolate chip cookies and milk.

I made these cookies today using Danyelle's recipe HERE.
They are divine.
Seriously.  Try them.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


Katie said...


Makayla said...

I love that your kids are all in coordinating colors. They are getting so big!

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