Mar 7, 2013

Another Update on Our Basement Family Room

I'm here again with another basement family room update!  However, today is getting away from me and pretty soon I've got kids to pick up from school, a daughter to take to ballet, dinner to make, homework to supervise and so on.  So this post will be mostly pictures.


{Basement on move in day - summer 2009}

Our latest update has been adding built in bookshelves on both sides of the fireplace.
My husband made these with backer board and plywood.
I think the total cost was about a hundred dollars, which is not bad at all for all the extra storage we benefit from.

This was the night the paint on the bookshelves had dried and I was playing around with how to place the books on the shelves.  To my husband, this should have been no big deal.  Just place books on the shelf and you're done.  However, I wanted the bookshelves to not only be functional, but to be a decorative accent to the room too.  So I had my husband help me organize the outside covers of the books by color.  He may or may not have rolled his eyes at my idea at first, but I think he liked the overall color coordinating affect in the end.  

 {The basement family room today.}

The pennant banner was the finishing touch.  
I love the extra splash of fun color it adds to the room.

This room is finally turning into the room my husband and I always imagined it would be!
The journey has been long but fun.


ericksonzone said...

This is so fantastic! I love everything! The white is so bright and the yellow chevron is so great! I love the pennant banner (as I do the one that I got from you at the favorites party). Way to go!

bsurrounded said...

Any hints on painting the fireplace. I've been thinking of doing that also.

Erica said...

Looks great! I just discovered your blog and I`m already inspired! Love the yellow pillows.


Danielle said...

I am so inspired by your blog! I also have a split entry home and am so glad your blog is out here for inspiration. I absolutely LOVE what you did with the stairway and constantly remind my fiance this is what I want our stairway to look like!

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