May 1, 2013

Twinkle Lights

Just a few days after this past Christmas, as I was taking down the Christmas tree and all of it's magical twinkle lights, my youngest came in the room and told me how sad our house looked. 
"Can we still leave soooome of the lights out mom?" she asked. 
I agreed that the house did look rather sad without all the sparkly lights of Christmas. 
So I packed all of the twinkle lights away until next Christmas, except for one strand. 
I draped the strand around the sliding glass door in our dining room. 
The house sparkled again with the faint glow of just one little strand of lights. 
I thought that after the depressing cold months of winter had passed, we'd take the twinkle lights down.
But more than four months later, the lights are still there and we love them!
They are so peaceful to look at in the evening when we're all tuckered out and hunkered down inside for the night.
They make kind of a sweet night light after every ones in bed too.

Twinkle lights are the best!  They can be used all year long and are worth every little penny.


Michelle said...

I had a bunch of twinkle lights in my bushes in the front yard... the bunnies decided they would be good to chew on this winter. Every set had to be thrown away (and I just bought them too).

I do think they add a bit of magic. The house does get bare looking after the Christmas stuff is down.

Christine Vandormolen said...

Hi Robin, indeed they are...I posted on my blog about String lights a couple of month ago since I like to keep them around all is the link if you want to visit for a snoop at my place

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