Jan 29, 2014

Just a Few Little Updates

Just thought I'd share a few little updates we've done around here in the past few months.  First thing was a new light fixture in our dining room.  The fixture you see hanging in the picture above was kind of just a temporary fix.  I'm in loooove with this new shade.  It's totally us and adds a lot more warmth to the room.  And just a side note:  I love that my handyman Mister is teaching our son to be handy too.  Such a valuable skill.

The biggest reason we changed this light was because my husband couldn't stand the harshness of the other light.  This light puts out a much softer glow.

Next update ...this computer desk.  Originally it was a brown console table from Target that we bought almost six years ago.  I lightly sanded it and spray painted it gray.  It works great in this tiny corner of our living room.  I added some of my favorite inspiring quotes and a picture of my cute kiddos above the desk to complete this little corner.
These are the quotes:
quote 1:  "you is kind you is smart you is important" -from The Help
quote 2:  "Try a little harder to be a little better. " - Gordon B Hinckley
quote 3:  "Because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to..." - Jeffrey R Holland

This final little update, I just completed this past weekend.  The picture above is pretty much what this bathroom looked like four and a half years ago when we first moved in.  My little guy in the picture is now almost nine!  Man I miss those days when he wore those froggy green rain boots every where he went.  :)

Last weekend I took down the old builder grade counter length mirror.  I painted over all that yellow paint and the gray paint that was hiding behind the mirror with a small quart of Behr's Irish Mist paint.  It's like a white color with a tiny tint of gray in it.  I found a new round mirror to hang above the sink that I found at Home Depot for 28 dollars.  (Score!) And then I finished off this mini makeover with a new shower curtain from West Elm.

This whole little makeover only cost around eighty dollars.  There's still a lot of bigger projects that need to take place in this bathroom, like updating the cabinets and counter top and replacing the tile.  But these small changes make me happy for now and they were what we could easily afford at the moment.

*Most of these pics are from my Instagram account.  If you're on Instagram too and want to follow along, my user name is keephomesimple .  My account is private because I was having too many crazies like my pictures and that wierded me out.  But as long as you're not a crazy, I'll okay you to follow.  :)


Amy Neal Larkin said...

I love your computer desk area! I love the frames and the quotes. I'm a huge sucker for frames, especially when there's a bunch in a clump. I think you're new lamp shade looks great!

Linnae said...

It's amazing how much difference a few little changes can make! Looks great!

Angel Tarter said...

I loooove your light fixture in the dining room and I love your dining room table!! (We have the same one ;) )

meg said...

Love the difference to the bathroom!

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