Oct 13, 2014

Make Your Home a Haven From the World - Day 11

Families that play together stay together, especially when their play is uplifting and wholesome. Family vacations, holidays, birthday celebrations, and other activities build strong bonds and feelings of self-worth. The phrase “Remember when we…” is sure to bring love and laughter in the years to come.

Spending quality time with our family is so important in creating a loving home environment.  Doing wholesome activities together strengthens family bonds and creates lasting memories.  Every Friday night we do "family pizza and movie night", we go camping every summer, we carve pumpkins in the fall, we make and eat large amounts of food together the entire Thanksgiving weekend, we build fires and roast marshmallows in our fireplace in the winter, and we hunt for the perfect Christmas tree to chop down during the last weekend in November.  All of these activities and traditions bond us together and make home such a special place to be with our family.

*This is a 31 days series:  Make Your Home a Haven From the World .  I will be writing on this topic every day for the month of October.  Click on the link on the sidebar to read the previous day(s) posts.


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