Oct 29, 2014

Make Your Home a Haven From the World - Day 23


Day 23:  Use Your Time Wisely.  On those days when I make great use of every minute of my time, our family runs like a well oiled machine.  On the days when I waste 10, 15, 30 minutes here or there, our home life can feel a little more chaotic.  Think about it.  What can you get done in 15 minutes?  I can load or empty the dishwasher, make my bed, clear a small pile up of misc. papers, fold a load of laundry, or pay a few bills... The list could go on and on.  But man or man am I ever so grateful when someone has run out of clean underwear and I can proudly proclaim, "There's clean laundry in the dryer!" - because I took the time to run a load through the wash during a few spare moments I had earlier that day.  Haha!  So if we strive to use our time more wisely, we can accomplish more at home and help things run a little smoother than they may have otherwise.

*This is a 31 days series:  Make Your Home a Haven From the World.  I will be writing on this topic every day for the month of October.  Click on the link on the sidebar to read the previous day(s) posts.


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