Feb 19, 2016


We have six chickens that live in a cute white chicken coop, in our garden, situated in the far left corner of our backyard.  As a child, I never imagined I'd have chickens as an adult.  Not unless I ended up marrying a farmer someday... which I didn't btw.  :)

My husband and I actually dream of owning a home in the country someday.  But for now, our destiny lies in suburban life and I'm grateful our city allows us to enjoy the best of both worlds.  We get to live by great neighbor's on a quiet street and we get to enjoy a tiny taste of farm life with animals that are a little less common to the average family.

These ladies are super low maintenance, easy to handle, and produce the most delicious eggs.
Aren't the shells of these eggs beautiful? And would you believe the yokes inside are so bright orange that when our chickens first started laying, and I scrambled up our first backyard chicken eggs, my children thought I'd added cheese to the concoction.  Nope, just really healthy egg yokes!

P.S.  We have three Rhode Island Red chickens that lay brown eggs and three Brahmas that lay the pretty greenish blue eggs.  Both types of chickens have been excellent layers for us.  We average about four eggs a day from this group all together.

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