Mar 15, 2016

For the Love of Power Tools

My love for power tools and learning to do simple projects on my own is growing.  With time and patience, I've taken over doing any necessary molding projects around our home.  A few weeks ago, I finished installing the board and batton in our basement family room.  A couple of weeks after that, some unfinished molding on the stairwell down to the basement.  Annnd in that same swoop of getting things done, I redid the molding around our new front door. ...when the new door went in, the spacing for the board and batton was different than what it was around the old door.  Anyway, long boring story, but the molding beside the door, needed to be fixed.

Step 1:  cut and nail in thin smooth board.

Step 2:  cut to size the mdf base board, thinner top board, and even thinner than that cap piece.

Step 3:  caulk and paint.

It feels so good to finally finish these projects that have been left undone forever.  It feels even better to know I did them myself.  I wasn't as fast or consise  as a professional, I'm sure.  But self reliance feels great!


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