Mar 1, 2016

Think Green

The color green has been on my mind a lot lately, and not just because it's almost St. Patrick's Day.  Everything around us seems mostly dormant and brown at the moment.  It's so depressing.  I realize how much I love color when, because of the weather, nature seems to lack much of it.   

Yesterday, I was driving around on some errands with my husband and noticed a tree beginning to blossom and a few trees with a tiny glimmer of green on their branches and I literally shrieked with joy.  My husband was kind of like, "Wow, you get excited about the simplest things."  Haha.  And it's true, I sometimes do.

I planted some sugar snap peas in the tiny little green house pictured above.  I can't wait to transplant them in my garden and add a little green to our own landscape.

Speaking of landscaping... This summer we're completely re-landscaping our backyard.  We're adding fruit trees, rock, a retaining wall, and an in ground trampoline.  I'm excited to see the changes.  Are any of you excited to get outside and get your hands dirty?


Jason and Michelle said...

I have lots of plans for my yard. I'm waiting for it to get a tad warmer.
I'm looking forward to hanging clothes out, and having my windows open. I love it.

Renee @ My Sweet Sojourn said...

I'm also excited for the warmer weather and to have a green yard again, although I'm a bit apprehensive about managing the large garden I inherited in our new home. Can't wait to see the landscaping changes in your backyard--Cheers to spring :)

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