Jan 18, 2017

Breaking Winter Records

Our "neck of the woods" has had more than it's fair share of freezing temperatures, freezing fog, freezing rain, and even snow.  So much snow that, even though we are just a few weeks into January, we've already broken the highest snowfall record from way back in 1955.  It's crazy.

But it's beautiful too.

The detail of each little snow flake is miraculous and so intricate.  It may have been in the single digits when I ventured outside to take these photos, but who could resist the icy beauty!  Well, that and the fact that, normally around here, the snow comes and then melts away in just a few days.  Locally, everyone knows you have to enjoy the snow while it's here because it won't last long at all.  This year, all locals are in shock at how long the snow has lasted this time around.  I think most of us are grateful for a white winter, rather than a brown one.  But our area is not exactly set up for this kind of weather. 

The roads have been down right treacherous.  So far, we've had six snow days since Christmas break ended and probably about that many two hour delays too.  Part of me has looooved all of the extra time I've had with my children because of the lack of normal school days and cancelled after school activities.  The other small part of me is beginning to feel claustrophobic.  Cabin fever is on the verge of settling in for all of us as we wonder if we are stuck in an eternal winter.  How do you people in snowy states handle it? :/

These breaking winter records have definitely toughened up our job of taking care of all of our animals.  It's involved early morning, pitch dark, you feel like your face is going to fall off, trips out back to defrost water bowls and keep animals fed.  A memorable daily adventure, for sure.

Only two more months till spring, right?  In all seriousness though, I am a bit of a home body.  So having a good excuse to stay home and warm with my family is pretty dreamy. 

How's winter in your neck of the woods this year?


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