Jan 27, 2017

Modern Clementine Pillow Covers, Etc.

My husband has a dangerous job.  I pray for him daily and for those brave individuals he works with.  I have a special bond with many of the wives of the men my husband works with.  Our lives are filled with a medley of our husbands long and crazy work shifts, their stress from the wide range of things they have to deal with seeing on the job, and worry for their safety... often subdued with the faith that these are good men trying their best to keep the wolves at bay.   These wives and families of these men are sometimes the only ones who understand this kind of life and can completely relate. 

Nearly a year ago I met Cassie.  Our husbands work together and their family is one of the kindest I've met.  Cassie is not only a loving wife and mother, but an amazing modern quilter.  She sews beautiful quilted garlands and modern pillow covers.  She has an etsy shop online that allows her to work from home and spend more time with her two handsome little boys.  Her etsy shop is called Modern Clementine.  You can visit her shop at modernclementine.etsy.com
She also has an instagram account where you can get to know her better and see all the beautiful things she makes (@modernclementine).

Pictured here are a couple of her pillow covers that I have.  I love love love pillow covers.  They allow me to quickly alter the decor in any room when I'm feeling like I need a change. 

Cassie's pillow covers are modern and well made.  

My only problem is deciding where I'm going to put these pillows.  So many options around my house.  Bedrooms, entry way, living room.  I love storing extra pillows in a big basket too.  It's nice to have extra cushions on Friday movie nights when my kiddos have friends over.  If you're in the market for new pillow covers or other modern quilted items, like garlands, or quilts, be sure to visit Cassie's etsy shop.  (modernclementine.etsy.com)  Her shop just reopened tonight with new winter inspired merchandise.

Happy weekend friends!


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