Mar 1, 2017

Acre House Living Room Changes

 (Realtor photo)

Hello friends!  Hope everyone out there is doing well this week.  I realized, recently, that I've never shared any before and after photos of our living room at this acre house.  So here we go...

When we toured our home for the first time, I saw those neatly painted shapes on the wall and thought... wow!  "Wow" -  those probably took a lot of precise planning and "wow" - those are so not my style at all!  But that was totally ok, because painting the walls is about the easiest change you can make in a home.

One of my sisters lives just fifteen minutes away and she kindly helped me paint half of this house.  I really felt like I couldn't fully unpack and settle in until after all the painted shapes around our whole house were gone and painted over.  I used the same color paint in this room that I used in the rest of our house - Dolphin Fin by Behr.

None of the furniture in this room matches or was planned or precisely put together.  It's really just a mismatch of things we had in our old house, a few new things we bought when we moved in here, and a thing or two that were given to us.  For example, this trunk was given to us last summer by my husband's grandmother.  I think it belonged to her father or grandfather.  It's old, but loved and cherished.  I love having a literal piece of family history in this room.

(Realtor photo)
Here's another angle of the living room pre move in day.  Our family piano now sits on that wall with the painted diamond and picture of a bear.

The archway in this corner of the room opens up to our entry way, which I posted about HERE.

(Realtor photo)

There are two things that I absolutely loved right away in this living room.  First, the tall ceiling.  Second, the bay windows.  Hello beautiful sunlight!!!

As you can see, this space is only ninety percent finished.  After installing the new laminate flooring (the previous flooring looked like wood, but was actually linoleum), I still haven't gotten around to finishing the baseboards.  That will happen soon.... I hope, haha!

We bought these two chairs from Target for this space.  They provide the perfect sitting area around all that natural light.  The pillows are from my friend Cassie's shop, Modern Clementine.  The table in the center used to belong to my husband's grandmother as well.  It was given to us before we got married. 

The windows have blinds, but I thought it would look nice to have this bay window area dressed in some tall white curtains too.  The curtains are from Ikea.

I don't have a before picture of this last corner of the room.  It's just on the opposite side of the piano, near the arched doorway.  I filled this corner with a dresser we used to have in our basement in old house, an old thrifted frame that I recently bought and painted over with chalkboard paint, and some other odds and ends I already had.

Another new piece I bought for this room, to tie everything together, was this rug from Rugs USA.  We put a thin carpet pad underneath it and it is so soft and comfortable to walk on.

So there you go!  It's not a super fancy living room.  It's filled with used, and new, and everything in between.  I've never had a home with a separate living room before so I wasn't sure how much this room would get used.  I've learned over the past eight months that it gets used plenty.  It's been the perfect place in our home for quiet reading, visiting with friends, playing the piano, and displaying our Christmas tree during the holidays.  :)


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