May 30, 2010

Felt Flower Headband & Hair Clip Tutorial

You may have seen all kinds of different tutorials online about flower hairclips and such.  Well, here's another!

Supplies Needed:

-felt (can be found at Michaels for under 30 cents!)
- scissors
- glue gun and extra glue sticks
- brads or buttons (found my brads at Craft Warehouse)
- piece of paper
- straight pins
- hair clips (found at Sally Salon supply stores)

- plain headbands (I found mine at the Dollar Tree)

Freehanded, draw the shape of the kind of flower you would like to use and then cut it out (this is your pattern).  Next, pin your cut out flower pattern to your felt with a straight pin and cut it out. (You will need to do this twice so you have two flowers.)

If you are going to use a brad, you will make a tiny slit in the middle of your felt flower so that you can poke it through the flower.  I folded my flower in half and then did my tiny cut.  If you choose to just use a button for the center of your flower, you can skip this step because the button just needs to be glued on.

Then layer your two felt flowers on top of each other and insert your brad.  (If using a button, now is when you would glue it in the center of your flower.)

This is what your flower will look like from the top and from the bottom now.

The next step is to cut an oval out of felt (this will be part of the backing.)  Pinch your clip open and slide the felt oval in the middle.  Then let your clip close and put glue all around the perimeter of the felt.  -hopefully your glue gun isn't as messy as mine!-  Then place your flower right on top of the glued oval and clip.

This is what it looks like upside down when you're finished.

For the headband, you place your flower where you want it, cut an oval out of felt like you would for the clip and glue the oval and the flower together, with the headband in the middle (kind of like a headband sandwich!)  You can also add as many flowers to the headband as you want!
And there you go!  Simple, and so cute!

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