Jun 9, 2010

Easy Peasy Cake Stand

Every time one of my kids or my husband has a birthday, I wish that I had a nice elegant white cake stand to put their cake on.
But I've never gotten around to buying one.
Well, the other day I found out how you can make your own for super cheap...
and then I was glad I saved the cash and never bought one! 

All you need is a plate and a candlestick.
I bought mine at the Dollar Tree.
Thrift stores would be another great place to buy these items for super cheap.

I glued the plate and candlestick together with Gorilla glue, the same way I did my hurricane vases.

Then I took it out to the garage, flipped it upside down, and primered and spray painted the glass candlestick white to match the plate.

My first grader is going to be so excited to see what's for snack this afternoon when she gets home from school.

Only 2 more days till summer vacation!


Find out more about how to make your own cake stands/plates here.

(This would be a fantastic and inexpensive gift to give at a bridal shower or wedding reception!  You could do them in any color you like too!)


Julia said...

Very cute idea! I might have to try this:).


Tim & Haley said...

Will you make me one? My cake stand boke!

Robin said...

Call me and come on over!!! I have the gorilla glue!!!

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