Jul 9, 2010

Managing Your Time

{Image Courtesy of Google}

As a busy mom, my time is precious.  I can scream all I want for more hours in my day, but all I get are 24!!!
So I don't care if it's summer, fall, spring, or winter; if I don't keep a running to do list or calendar of all my family's activities, I become one really frazzled mommy.
Staying organized is what keeps me sane.
For anyone else out there who is like me, I thought I'd share some really great free printables for staying on top of things.
Weekly To Do List
Weekly Meal Planner
{Courtesy of momadvice.com}
 Also, for all you busy bloggers, a
Weekly Blog Calendar
{Courtesy of livinglocurto.com}
And if you're struggling to find a routine that works for your family, check out familieswithpurpose.com.
It gives some great ideas HERE for figuring out and planning your family's daily routine.
Have a great weekend friends!!!


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