Jul 8, 2010

Managing Your Child's Art Collection

 I love my children's art work
...but sometimes my fridge gets too overcrowded with it.
 This is a great alternative to displaying your children's art without overcluttering your fridge. 

Supplies Needed:
Wire cutters
Clothes Pins {Any size will do!}
Mod Podge & Brush
Scrapbook Paper
Two nails

This is a really simple project.
First I took a clothes pin, layed it on some scrapbook paper, cut around it, and then mod podged the paper right over the top of the clothes pin.
Repeat this step for as many clothes pins as you'd like to use.
Then I stretched out some wire, eyeballed how long I wanted it, & cut it with some wire cutters.
I hung my wire with a nail at each end, wrapping the wire around the nail a couple of times to make it stay.
I left some extra wire on each end and wrapped it around a pencil to make it a little curly.

This was so fun to make.
I think I need to put one in each of my other children's rooms too!!!

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