Jul 7, 2010

Tea Towel Skirt

I don't know if I'm the only mom out there that feels like this, but buying clothes for girls after they're out of the
"T-stages" {2T, 3T, 4T, 5T} is really tough.
It's like once girls are six and above, they have to wear teeny bopper clothes.
My daughter is seven.
A cute little innocent seven year old.
Not a teeny bopper.
I've learned where I can buy clothes for her that look more classic and girly for her age, but sometimes the search is still tough.
Especially if I don't want to spend an arm and a leg.

So I decided to spruce up my sewing skills... which up until now have only been to sew pillows or curtains
...basic stuff.

My daughter has been needing something more in her wardrobe for summer so I thought I'd start improving those skills of mine by making a skirt.

I started with two tea towels.
{Other supplies include: matching thread, 1 yard of 3/4" elastic, and 2 yards of ribbon.}

I placed the tea towels together with the wrong sides out and sewed the short sides together at both ends.

{Here it is with both ends sewn together.}

{Here I am reading up on how to finish sewing this basic skirt.  My husband took this picture as proof!!! LOL!}

The next step was to hem the top and put the elastic in.  I folded the top down 1/2" and then again 1" {big enough to slide some 3/4 " elastic through}.
I pinned the folds and then sewed towards the bottom of the fold.

I left about a 2 1/2" space un-sewn so I could slide my elastic through.
{Pin a safety pin on the end of the elastic to easily slide it through.}

After I slid the elastic all the way through, I tried the skirt on my daughter to measure how long the elastic needed to be to fit snug around her waist. 
I cut off the extra elastic, overlapped the two ends just a bit, sewed them together inside the opening making kind of a rectangle around the overlap of the elastic, and then closed the opening and sewed it up.
After this step is done, flip the skirt right side out and it's done!
The bottom of the skirt is already hemmed because it's a tea towel, not just plain fabric.

I had bought two yards of ribbon to use as an embellishment for the bottom of the skirt.
Using my machine I sewed the top and bottom of the ribbon to the bottom of the skirt.

Here's the finished project!
She loves to twirl in it and it's perfect for hot summers or for going to church on Sundays!
...and now I can add "little girl skirt" to my sewing resume!!!

{***Total cost of skirt:  $7.50}

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Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

I've made some skirts for my daughter from dish towels, but only used one towel. I like how your skirt is nice and full! REally cute!

Maria Jose said...

I like this !!!!!

Life in Rehab said...

Good for you! I HATED how suddenly the stores seemed to think I should dress my elementary school aged daughter like she was dating. You did very well on that adorable little skirt.

Stephanie Cameron said...

Really cute! I agree...dress them sweet while they still are!

Ashley said...

Love this! I saw your link on Blue Cricket's Show and Tell and am now a follower! I am so intimidated by sewing clothing, but this is so simple! I am going to try it out! Love your blog!
Ashley @ noapologycrafts.blogspot.com

Robin said...

Thanks for following Ashley! This skirt is a really great project for us "beginner" sewers. Go give it a try!

Jami said...

Super cute! Again, you are so talented!


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Love it! Everytime we walk around the mall I start to feel a slight anxiety attack coming on as I see the clothes available for young girls. We are on the brink of graduating from the "T" world and I'm scared. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Well done.

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