Aug 17, 2010

A Girl Can Dream...

I don't imagine I'll ever live in a house like any of these {and I'm perfectly okay with that}, but they're still so much fun to look at!
Even when I was growing up, I remember walking through the new model homes in our neighborhood with my mom and sisters. 
{It's sooo much fun!}
My husband and I still like to do that!
...and we've even been known to drive through a nice quaint neighborhood or two on a date night just to sight see.
{Is that strange???}

Here are some of my current favorite dream houses...

{Courtesy: Traditional Home}

{Courtesy: Traditional Home}

{Courtesy: Traditional Home}

{Courtesy:  My Home Ideas}

{Courtesy: Veranda}
...anything that's close to the coast has got my heart!

{Courtesy: Country Living}

{Courtesy: Country Living}

{Courtesy:  Traditional Home}

Love that ocean veiw!


LouAnne said...

Out of all those, the first and last are my absolute favorites!! I love looking at beautiful homes in peaceful settings. Thank you for the virtual home tour! :-)

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