Aug 30, 2010

Harvesting Memories in the Garden

School doesn't start until early tomorrow morning for us.
So today I had a few little extra things around the house I wanted us to get done before the crazy business of school officially begins, {and I lose some of my little helpers}.
One of them was harvesting all of our carrots and thinning out some of our other vegetable plants.

I learned a few things while in the garden this morning.
1. Next year we need to plant WAY less carrots.
2. I need to call my sister to get her yummy carrot cake recipe before all these carrots go bad.
3.  I feel so much love for my family when we're working together...especially in the garden.  It's something about being out in the fresh air, laughing, and talking about all the seed planting and watering that went on before we got to this point of harvesting.
Before this morning, my kids had no idea what harvesting even meant.  LOL!  Now they know what it means and they know that hundreds of years ago, people didn't have it so easy.
They HAD to have a garden!
We garden because it's fun, it's a good skill to learn, it teaches our kids the value of work, we're able to share with our neighbors, and it helps us build a lot of fun memories together as a family.

We also get to find fun squiggley things in the dirt!


Julia said...

So fun Robin and I bet your kids will have lasting memories! really do have a lot of carrots. I love your new header and blog design. It is just lovely!


Robin said...

Thanks Julia!

Lissa said...

enjoy your carrots! what a great thing to teach the kids!

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