Sep 8, 2010

Old Stained shirt = New Flower Clip

I hate stains.
I hate stubborn stains even more.
I hate that they ruin a perfectly good piece of clothing.
I hate throwing out perfectly good clothing,minus that stubborn stain, even more!!!

But today I got even with this little, white, stubborn, stained, size 2T shirt...
{Which I think was a hand me down from my sister's little girls...close your eyes sis if you don't want to see what I do to this shirt next!!!}

I decided to cut up this shirt {using the perfectly good parts} to make a flower clip for my girls.

Free handed, I cut out 6 circles.
Then I cut out 1 circle of white felt and gathered the rest of the supplies I would need.
{ glue gun, a button for the center of the flower, and an alligator clip} 

To start the flower I folded one shirt circle in half and then in half again but laid it down kind of at an angle.
Just look at the terrible fuzzy picture below to see what I mean.

Then I hot glued my folded circle onto the the felt.

I folded my next circle the same way and layered it onto the first circle.
{As seen in the next fuzzy picture below.}

This is what it looks like when you're finished...minus gluing the button in the center and the clip onto the back.

NOTE:  When gluing the last folded circle on, you have to tuck it under the first circle a little.

My daughter was so excited to wear it to school today.

And you'd never know she was wearing an old shirt in her hair!


A very blessed lady! said...

Very cute!and favorite combo ;)

Meghan said...


Aiming4Simple said...

Adorable! I hate stained shirts as much as you do. Way to be resourceful!

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower.

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Love it.. in FACT, I do believe I saw this darling piece out in front of the school today! :) Hope you got some rest this evening! I'm going to bed EARLIER tonight..morning rolls around far too quickly in this joint. :)

Life in Rehab said...

Nice job, Robin! That's so fresh and cute. And different!

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