Sep 17, 2010

Things Around My House that I Love...

White Ikea Curtains.

I love that they only cost 14.99 for the pair, they're super long (108"), and they're bright and cheery.

Cinnamon Stick Spray from Bath and Body Works.

This is my favorite scent during the fall and winter months, it lasts forever, and if I wait to buy it during one of Bath and Body works semi annual sales (July::December), it only costs a couple of bucks!

Homemade Tire Swing

My husband made this swing for my kids with an old tire and some rope.
It gets tons of use from all of my kids and their friends.

Mulled Cider Candle

This candle only costs $1.00 at Walmart, it smells terrific, and it makes my home feel cozy and warm.
It also makes me happy!  Isn't it funny how nice smells will do that to you!
I love that!
For some reason if I light one of these little guys up on a blue winter day, I suddenly feel better!

Our Staircase

Okay, so I absolutely positively HATED the way it looked in this picture when we first moved into our house a year ago.

Seriously scary!!!

Aaaah, much better.

My husband worked really hard to turn that ugly staircase into something that was more our taste.

My Chalkboard Pantry Door.

This door used to be a flat bathroom closet door.
I painted it with chalkboard paint, my husband added the moulding around it, and it's never been the same since!

But what I love most around my house are...

these guys.

There are so many things I love around my house. 
But they are just things.

My family is what I love most and they are the ones that make my house a home.

Happy Weekend Friends!
(I Hope you're able to spend time with the ones you love!) 


Jensamom23 said...

I love what you have done in your home and you have a beautiful family. Continued Blessings.

Julia said...

You have such a beautiful family! I just love everything about your house....I may have to pick up that candle:). Your pantry door is just fabulous! I want one:).


Kate at Dream To Life said...

Oh this is such a sweet post!

I love that chalkboard door :>)


PS: I'm literally running out the door to get one of those candles! can't wait to try it...

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