Oct 10, 2010

Simple Bridal Shower Gift Idea

I love going to bridal showers.
They're such a happy celebration.

But when you're trying to get the husband's student loans payed off sometime within the next decade, you have to think simple + practical + inexpensive when it comes to gift giving.

So minus the jute twine, everything for this gift idea came from the Dollar Tree.

Yes, you heard that right...the Dollar Tree!

My first idea was to make a stylish utensil holder.

{supplies need}

I started with a simple glass vase that I
also used in this project.

I squirted some Elmer's glue onto an old sour cream lid and then with my foam brush, I brushed on a little glue at a time onto the vase.  Then I simply wrapped the twine around and around the vase until the entire thing was covered.

This was my finished product.  I filled the utensil holder with three large utensils from the Dollar Tree
{a pizza cutter, a whisk, and a metal spatula}.

I also bought two neutral colored kitchen hand towels from the Dollar Tree and wrapped all the items up together in some clear wrapping paper...also from you guessed it...
the Dollar Tree.

I tied the gift off with some simple white ribbon and a card from Michael's dollar section
{which came in a package of 8-10 cards}.

Saving money is great!
 Especially when you can do it at the Dollar Tree!


Jensamom23 said...

Looks great!

Life in Rehab said...

LOVE the Dollar Tree! All of my projects for this week came from there.

That came out really cute. I love how you made it into a nice little ensemble as well. What bride can resist practical and pretty?

Marci said...

very cute idea!! i will have to try it!!

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