Nov 16, 2010

Homemade Granola Bars...Yummmm!!!

My five year old is allergic to nuts...all nuts.
It's a bummer.

I feel sorry for the little guy...that he can't enjoy a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

But being the positive little boy that he is, he constantly reminds me that after he dies and is resurrected, he'll have a perfect body and be able to enjoy all the peanut butter he wants.  :-)

So because of his nut allergy {and some recent tests at the doctor's office letting us know of possibly even more food allergies}, I am trying to cook more and more things from scratch.
{A more whole foods diet.}
It's really better for us all to eat this way anyway, so why not.

Yesterday I tried this granola bar recipe.

I thought making my own granola bars was going to be a super complicated process, but it wasn't.
It was so easy I think I'm going to start making these every week!

I left the peanuts out of the recipe {of course} and just used sunflower seeds.
But next time I may leave those out too and try something else.
Just like the granola bars you buy in the store, the varieties are endless!
I can make some with just extra oats and dry fruit, tiny chocolate chips, whatever I want!

***Tip:  If you try this recipe, here's a simple tip...after the granola bars have cooled and you're ready to remove the top layer of waxed paper, wet a washcloth with warm water and lay it over the top layer of waxed paper for about 1 minute.  It makes the removal process so much easier and you won't get little pieces of waxed paper stuck to the granola bars.



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