Nov 11, 2010

Pine Cone Inspiration...for the Holidays

This time of year...every year...I love walking past the holiday aisles in Walmart or Target and smelling those cinnamony pine cones they have for sale.
Anything that smells cinnamony has me at first sniff.
Seriously one of my most favorite smells!

This year, I finally, for the first time, bought one of those lovely cinnamon scented bags of pine cones.
If you have a WinCo grocery store anywhere in your area...they sell these bags cheaper than anywhere else that I've seen.
{like two dollars and some change}

I put some of these pine cones on my mantle and some in a bowl.
I love the way they make my home smell.

Not only do they smell good... they look lovely.

I love bringing natural elements indoors for decorating.
Not only do natural elements make a room feel cozy, they're cheap too!
{Things like twigs, berries, or pine cones from the yard, flowers from the super market, etc., etc.}

If you're into decorating on a serious budget {like I am} and like inserting a pop of natural elements here or there in your decor {like I do}, below are a few inspiring ideas for decorating with pine cones this holiday season.

Click on the link under each picture for directions on putting together these displays.



KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Robin, I have these too in a tall glass cylinder vase next to my china hutch! Love them! AND I bought them last year and found that if you take them out and put them in a plastic bag and spritz some water in there and shake it around...not only does it remove the "dust" but it makes the scent as potent as if they were brand new! :)

Jensamom23 said...

Love these pinecones too! I am excited to try KC's tip on spritzing water on them. I think I may try the hanging ones this year. Very pretty. Thanks for sharing and I really like your hair.

Kelsey said...

Thanks for this post. I have a ton of pinecones outside and I have been thinking I should use them to make some sort of decoration. I have been inspired!

Life in Rehab said...

Such lovely inspiration gathered thoughtfully for us in one place!

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