Dec 29, 2010

Dinner Time - Let's Talk!

So I didn't get around to sharing the rest of our family's Christmas traditions like I had wanted to.
This was one of the busiest December's our family has ever had...but that didn't keep us from still enjoying this most wonderful time of the year with our friends and family.

We still...
made gingerbread man cookies for Santa
got all dressed up, used our Christmas China and shared a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with some close friends
our kiddos opened one present on Christmas Eve {pj's}
we watched the dvd Joy To The World as a family before we went to bed Christmas Eve night
Christmas morning, my husband, other officers in the area, and the Big Guy {a.k.a. Santa} were able to visit some children who unfortunately had to spend Christmas in the hospital.

And although I wasn't able to document through photographs all that happened this Christmas season, that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Our family created some great memories and we continued doing some of our most favorite holiday traditions.

On another note...

Who loves dinner time???

I do, I do!

Dinner time = food + family + time together

However, in our family, sometimes good conversation at the dinner table is lacking.

In real life our dinner time conversation goes something like this:

We start talking a little bit about what went on in the day.
Then one of the kids will complain about what we are eating {...if it's not pizza}
then another kid will burp REALLY loud
and then my husband spends the rest of the meal lecturing all the kids on having good table manners and tells them that no one will ever want to take them on a date when they are older if they have bad manners like that.

Dinner time is a great place to teach/learn/practice good manners {thanks honey!}...
but it is also a great place to get to know each other better.

So recently, I got onto Microsoft Word and typed out some questions that we could take turns talking about while we eat.

I printed the questions onto card stock, cut them out, and placed them in a bowl.
This bowl will be brought out every night when we sit down to eat dinner together, one question will be drawn and we will take turns answering it.

I'm looking forward to some fun conversations...

If you would like some free dinnertime conversation printables of your own, click on the links below.
Thanks Lindsay!

{p..s. - There are 18 questions in all.}

Just click...



lovely lindsay said...

a friend of mine recommends using google docs to share printable files. i'm giving it a shot right this second. =) i'd love a copy of your questions!
love, lindsay

Anonymous said...

Such a fun idea. : )

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Dinner time is OUR favorite chat time too...each person, mom & dad included, go around and share the BEST part of their day and the WORST part of their day. I have learned MORE about my children through just those two simple questions being answered over the years than almost any other chat we have! Than when they are done with their meal, we do a "Spelling Bee" each kiddo get's TWO words to attempt to spell - R is the buzzer or bell to determine if they got it right! They love it. ;)

Heaven's Walk - said...

What a wonderful idea, Robin! What a great way to bring the family together and communicating at dinnertime! :) Love it!

xoxo laurie

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