Jan 5, 2011

Goodwill Hunting and Other Ramblings...

So far this new year I...

have gotten my hands on some great after Christmas clearance sales
thrown out 7 garbage bags worth of "stuff" after I reorganized my three kiddos rooms
moved both of my girls into the same room
turned my daughter's old room into a play room for all three of my sweet kiddos
{to have all of their toys in one spot
will be a dream come true!!!}
donated 3 garbage bags full of "stuff" to Goodwill
hunted down some great deals at Goodwill too!!!
{hey, while you're there you might as well look around for hidden treasures!}


An awesome outdoor light fixture...pictured above {$4.00}
2 white twin sheets in perfect condition {$2.00 ea.}
A big basket I'm going to use for toys
in the new playroom {$4.50}
2 really ugly plates that I have plans
on using for an upcoming project {.50 cents ea.}

...just to name a few.

Finding great deals + getting the house more organized = one happy mamma!

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