Jan 18, 2011

Update: Getting Rid of 100 Things

This is the pile I created after writing {this} post.


Clothes that hadn't been worn in over a year ...check.
Craft projects and supplies that were liked, not loved ...check.
Movies that were rarely ever watched ...check.
Books that the kids had out grown ...check.
Small little toys that the kids won't miss {I hope} ...check.

100 things.

It feels so good to have 100 less things in the house.
100 less things to wash, pick up, store, or squish into the back of a closet.
I don't think I'll miss a thing.

If you participated in simplifying your home by getting rid
of 100 things this past weekend, I'd love to know how you did.
{just leave me a comment}

tomorrow I'll be sharing a tutorial with you on
how to make pom pom garland using tissue paper and fishing line.
I love this project because it's easy + inexpensive.
That's my favorite kind of project.


kristine said...

congrats on your 100 things! you WON'T miss a thing and neither will your kids! great job! p.s. i love pom poms!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Hey lady...yes! Let's try for some Goodwill Hunting this week. Would Friday morning right after the big kids go to school work for you and Jason? Say...9am-11? R & I want to meet up with the big kids for lunch that day at school so I think that would work great. That way it'll be the weekend open for the families too. :) Let me know!

BigBearswife said...

100 things?? I have more like 10000 things I need to gt rid of! So much stuff, but I love everybit of it haha so, I think thats why I have such a hard time letting go haha


Thrifty Chic said...

I've been cleaning out my house for a simplier look and life. I love reading your blog!

Lindsay said...

oooh looking forward to the pom pom garland! Looks super cute!

p.s. I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you, you can see it on my blog :)

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