Feb 2, 2011

Playroom Inspiration/Progress

I just have to say that I am SO thrilled that we decided to put our two girls in the same room so that we could turn the "extra" bedroom into a playroom for our three children {2 girls + 1 boy}.
I'm loving that
the toys are all located in one space
my children have a fun place they like to hang out with their friends
did I say that all the toys are in one place???
Okay, I guess I did.  It's just that that is my absolute favorite part about having a playroom now.

since the whole playroom + girl's room switch-a-roo, I haven't done too much with the playroom.
All the toys are in there and everything is organized but I've been a little slow when it comes to decorating it.
In fact every room in the house {mostly all the bedrooms} each have a to-do list as long as my arm.
And because those lists are so long, I've been procrastinating doing anything at all!
It's just so overwhelming.
I know I should probably just tackle one room at a time and then move on.
That way I could see some real progress.
We'll see..

Anyway, here a few pics of some ideas I want to incorporate into my children's playroom. 
Subtle stripped walls.
The walls in the playroom are already a light beige, so all I need to do is find a color just lighter than that, tape off the room and then paint the stripes.
{...but this requires moving all of the toys and furniture out of the way...can you understand why I might want to procrastinate this???}

BIG fancy cork board for all the art projects that are made in the playroom to be displayed.
This project has at least been started.  My husband used some leftover crown molding from our fireplace remodel to frame a cheap-o walmart cork board.
{...but the nail holes still need to be filled and the molding needs to be painted.}

I love the pennant banner around the window in this room.
  I want to do a couple of these in the playroom.  One around the window in the room and another on one of the walls.
{So far I've finished the one around the window...and it didn't require any sewing, just material, hot glue, and ribbon.  So, one down, and one more to go.}

 Love this idea!  I already had a bunch of those same alphabet magnets so what better place for a kid to play with them, besides the fridge, then on a couple of baking pans that hang on the wall!
{So far...I bought two baking pans from the Dollar Tree, but I haven't hung them up in the playroom yet.  Still need to find the right spot for them.}

Again...I love what Emily at Jones Design Company has done here.  This would be super easy/adorable art for the playroom. 
{I'm using some frames I already had and I'm also going to incorporate the same fabric that I used for the pennant banner for this project.  ...just need to find the time and the motivation to get it done!!!}

And lastly, isn't this dress up area adorable???
{As far as this area of the playroom goes...I already have a simple coat hook thingy-bobber to hang a bunch of my girls' dress up clothes on...and we have a few boy dress ups too...and I have an old mirror, that used to be mine as a kid, that I need to spiffy up for this area as well.}

So much to do!!!
But at least I know what kind of direction I want to go in. 

For now I'm going to blame my lack of motivation on finishing up all these projects on the weather.
Does being cold all the time ever make you procrastinate getting things done around the house?
PLEASE tell me I'm not alone on this one! 


Colony's Cakes said...

so fun! i also have 2 girls and a boy and am in the process of creating a playroom for them, i am going with a shabby chic theme, i love the dress-up area, such a cute idea! Thanks! keep us updated!

Leanne said...

We are in the planning stage and you finished room is one of my inspirations! So fun!

Leanne said...

Your finished room is one of our playroom inspirations! Fun to see your plans too, great job!

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