Apr 23, 2011

The Girls' Room

We are a one income family.
We live on a budget.

 I'm a visual person.
Big time.
My husband talks to me all the time about changes he wants to make to our house.
I always nod my head and then ask him one question.
 "Will you draw it out for me?"
If I can't see it...
I don't know if I'll like it.
Anyway, my point is that because I'm a visual person, I like to look at pretty things.
I like things to look nice.
This is probably why home decor fascinates me.

BUT, when you combine these two worlds of mine...being on a real life budget...and being a very visual person who loves decorating, sometimes you have to just:

"Do the Best You Can with What You've Got."

I definitely took this to heart when I redesigned my girls' bedroom.

The first three pictures below are the before shots of their room.
{It was functional, but didn't exactly appeal to the whole visual side of my brain.}

Before . . .

Before ...

{Yup. That's a bathroom over there to the right.  It needs remodeled too.  All in due time my friends.}

Here are the "After" shots of the girls' room. 
I spent only $2.00 on some minor little details for their room.

One of the first things I did in here was, obviously, rearrange the furniture.
This is always the cheapest makeover anyone can do.
Just play around with the stuff you already have.
Put it in a different place and see what a difference it can make!

The other thing I did was go out to my garage and gather a bunch of scraps of molding I already had.
A lot of the pieces were only 12 inches long.
But I had enough to piece together a long ledge or "shelf" for that one wall.
Someday I may add some bead board below the ledge on that whole wall.
For now it will just stay how it is, and that's as good as it's gonna get.

So where, you ask, did I spend that $2.00????

I spent one dollar on that little mirror. {Dollar Tree}
I spent the other dollar on the pom pom fringe for the lamp.  {Walmart}

This wall art, on the other end of the room, was another free project that I did.
It happened to come together so easily.
My neighbor was trimming one of his trees and a bunch of the branches were falling into our yard.
So I kept one of the branches, spray painted it lightly with white paint, stitched together some small stuffed birds out of some left over felt I already had, added a few tissue paper pom poms and walaa!

Looking at this picture I now realize that I forgot to put eyes on those cute little birds.
My girls and I still like them anyway.

The frame in the picture below was made with some stencils I already had from Michael's.
I thought the word dream was fitting because I hope my girls are blessed with wonderful dreams while they sleep in this room and I also hope that they dream big in life.

The last project I did in this room was this
'I am a child of God'
pennant banner.
I cut triangles out of burlap, stenciled the letters on them, and hot glued the triangles to some twine.

I hope that my girls notice this banner when they look in the mirror so that they will know how special they really are.

I had so much fun decorating this room with things I  mostly already had.

Well it's late and I still have to finish baking some rolls tonight for Easter dinner tomorrow.

Happy Easter Everyone and thanks for reading this super long post!

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Kaylie said...

I think you did a fabulous job! It looks super cute and that's awesome you did it with stuff you already had.

BTW, I think the birds are perfect without the eyes.

Happy Easter!

idesign said...

very sweet, i'm sure the girls loved it! :)


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