Apr 25, 2011

The Decision

I have finally made a decision. 
I've known I needed to make this decision for a while now. 
It's been pulling on my heart strings for months.

Although I have loved all the experiences this blog has brought to me over the past year, I have decided to switch my "blogging" focus back over to my family blog.

I'll be blogging about my greatest love.
Life with my family.

I may throw a current project I'm working on, here or there, on my family blog,
but mostly I'll be sharing real life with my family.

As of now, I'll still be leaving this blog open.
Thank you dear readers for
reading my blog
leaving sweet comments
being my friends.

My family blog is private.
{...to protect us from any psychos wondering around on the web.}

However, if you would like to keep up with me and life with my family,
I would love to send you a private invite.
All you have to do is email me your email address and I can give you access to view the blog.

Thanks again dear readers for your much appreciated support!
Wishing you and yours the best!

After some time, I may be back to post an occasional project.


Renae said...

Wow, what peace you must be feeling now. I'll miss seeing your posts in my reader! Glad you're leaving this up though so I can browse your past posts.

God bless,
Beatrice, NE

Julia said...

HI Robin!

I totally understand...blogging can really take up a lot of time! Putting your family first is always the right thing to do!I have so enjoyed your blog, though, and getting to know you! I would love to keep in touch:). I have a family blog, too and if you would like, I can also send you an invite.


Just The Details...of Jenn said...

Hi there...I love your blog..I would love to continue to follow you. I definitely understand where you are coming from though. Send me an evite. Thanks!

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